Initial Consultation

Your home staging project begins by scheduling an appointment with us. Please fill out and submit the staging bid request form on our Contact page and we'll get in touch to arrange a visit.

We schedule twenty minutes for a visit to walk through the rooms, take notes and photos and discuss the timing for your listing. There is no cost to you for this bid. Don't worry if you're in the middle of packing or moving; we've seen it all before! Our focus is to get a general feel for the style of your home, see the rooms to determine what will be needed, and assess truck parking and access. 

If you need help in preparing your home, we'll schedule a consultation, usually requiring one to two hours. We walk through with you and discuss how to best prepare your home with fresh paint, repairs, ideas about lighting, etc. We have many trusted tradespeople we've worked with over the years and can recommend housecleaners, painters, window washers, organizers, floor and carpet cleaning, etc. Our rate for consultation is $180 per hour. 


After the site visit, we'll generate an estimate to the specific needs of your project. 

Our estimates include the following:

  • Basic staging fee that covers the move in and move out costs
  • Design fee for creating a design specific to your home
  • A per-room cost for the furnishings and labor to install
  • WA State sales tax on the taxable amount
  • Our contract

The estimate and contract will be emailed for your review. We'll hold the dates discussed at the initial meeting until you've had a chance to review the bid. Let us know if you've got questions during the review process. Return the signed contract and a 50% deposit to us and the dates will be scheduled on our calendar. 

Before the Project

The week before staging installation, the home must be professionally cleaned, interior and exterior windows washed, landscaping and any other repairs or projects completed. 

A few days ahead of our scheduled move in date, we'll visit the site to refine our plan for installation. At this time, we'll also need to get a key from you or your agent that we will retain for the duration of the job.

During the Project

During the installation, we ask that we have the home to ourselves to work efficiently. After loading the truck at our warehouse, we usually arrive by mid-morning. The first day is moving in, placing and unwrapping the items. Most jobs require two to three days for installation so the second and third days will be spent styling, hanging art and fine-tuning. We'll send an invoice for the remaining balance of your bill after we have completed the installation. 

Your agent will schedule the photography after the styling is complete. 

After the Project

A week before your initial thirty days are up, we'll contact you to let you know that we'll be sending a staging extension invoice for the next month's furniture rental fee. You may be under contract with a buyer at this point so we can just schedule a move out. If you need just a few more weeks, we'll prorate the next month bi-weekly. 

Please note that we do require at least 7 business days' notice to remove staging. This allows us the time required to schedule our movers and crew to get packed up and moved out. We offer an expedited move out for an additional fee of $500 in the event of a very quick closing date,